ABB MB-Rx Reaction Monitor

Fibre-coupled mid-IR for laboratory or process analysis

FTIR spectrometer with diamond tipped ATR immersion probe for reaction monitoring.
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FTIR spectrometer with diamond tipped ATR immersion probe for reaction monitoring.

A comprehensive and intuitive package, the MB-Rx features a number of integrated software modules that include all of the functions required for collecting and analyzing real-time data generated during chemical experiments. The Reaction Configuration Wizard takes the user through the critical steps of the experiment set-up process. The system can generate multiple real-time trends related to spectral features or chemical properties. Experiments can be modified “on the fly” using the full-featured main reaction interface. At the end of a reaction, the experiment data can be saved and reprocessed off-line using a variety of pre-treatments in order to optimize a reaction.

Spectroscopic performance (typical at 25° C)

Spectral ranges:

  • ZnSe ATR probe + silver halide fibres: 600-3300 cm-1
  • Diamond ATR probe + silver halide fibres: 600-1900 cm-1 + 2300-3300 cm-1
  • ZrO2 ATR probe + chalcogenide fibres: 1550-8000 cm-1

Resolution adjustable from 1 cm-1 to 64 cm-1

Signal sampling: 24-bit ADC

Limit of Detection for acetone in toluene: 0.1% w/w (60s acquisition, 4 cm-1 resolution)


Standard software modules:

  • Horizon MB RX: Real-time reaction monitoring
  • Horizon MB FTIR: Basic instrument operations and validation
  • Horizon MB Quantify: Chemometrics and calibration development

Optional software modules:

  • Horizon MB Library: Library search engine
  • Horizon MB IR Interpretation: Identification of functional groups in molecules and interpretation of complex spectra based on automated peak table search against a reference library
  • Horizon MB Security: Configurable settings for access control, electronic records protection and traceability
  • FTSW100: Automated process monitoring

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