Process Spectroscopy and Process Analytical Technology

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We're passionate about process measurements with spectroscopy and enjoy sharing our decades of experience and skills.

Several of the Applications Notes you may request are good primers for on-line measurements and useful reference materials:

1: What is Process Spectroscopy? - a primer

2: Choosing your approach

3: Getting to grips with sampling

4: NIR frequency correlation chart

5: Raman Spectroscopy - an Overview

6: Wavelength ranges of fibre optics - chart

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Every year we run a 3-day Process Spectroscopy Course jointly with leading academics from CPACT - the Centre for Process Analysis and Control. The Course is designed for end users who wish to expand their knowledge of spectroscopic techniques for process analysis. Since the Course assumes no prior knowledge it is also suitable for new members of PAT implementation teams or end users who would like to explore why and how to apply spectroscopy on-line and understand the various techniques which are available.

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We will also be happy to quote for bespoke training courses, either here at Clairet or on your site.




ProcesscSpectroscopy Course

Process Spectroscopy Course

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Course Practicals


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