Quality Control of PET containers

Crystallinity of PET affects several mechanical properties such as stiffness, density, permeation, transparency and thermal stability. NIR spectroscopy can measure crystallinity and several other properties quickly, non-destructively and by non-laboratory personnel.

The main benefits of FT-NIR technology for PET packaging analysis lie in its unique combination of versatility, precision, and ease of use. Performing routine FT-NIR measurements on a set of PET containers is a simple operation that does not require any analytical background and allows the rapid determination of several key properties and quality attributes of each sample. As well as % crystallinity NIR can also measure intrinsic viscosity, moisture and wall thickness.  FT-NIR analysis is an environmentally-friendly approach with no solvents required and enables a significant increase in the throughput of industrial analytical laboratories, both in terms of sample volume and also number of property determinations per sample.


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