Lab and At-line Analysis - Process NIR

Polyols and other chemicals

Many chemical properties may be measured by NIR, for bulk, fine and speciality chemicals. Replacing lab titrations with lab, at-line or on-line NIR saves time and money. The NIR measurement can equal the accuracy of the lab method and surpass it's precision, making a big impact on quality. Sampling is simple and no waste  solvents are produced - small disposable glass vials are all that is required for both solids and liquids. Results are typically produced in 2 minutes or less.

Properties that can be measured by NIR include moisture, hydroxyl value, iodine value, acid value, saponification number, amines and isocyanates. Multiple values can be determined from one NIR measurement and the cost per analysis is minimal. Calibration transfer means that multiple NIR instruments can be deployed across one site or multiple sites and calibrations used for lab or at-lime measurements may be deployed for on-line installations.

Chemical Properties predicted by NIR

Some chemical properties which may bepredicted by NIR


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