About Clairet Scientific

PAT project? On-line or at-line measurements? Materials ID? We can help...

What we do

For over 25 years we have supplied, calibrated and supported spectrometers for monitoring and controlling processes on-line, at-line and for making measurements in the lab. We also specialise in putting instruments into production areas to provide accurate, timely results where they are needed - PAT: Process Analytical Technology

We use our wealth of experience to determine which technique is most appropriate and cost effective for the measurement you need to make. We work with you to determine the measurement which gives the greatest benefit, NIR, Raman, UV-Vis, Mass Spec and more

How we do it

We use fibre-optic PAT probes, direct coupled or non-invasive instruments to measure your process, product or intermediate. We can measure batch or continuous processes, tanks, pipes, extruders, dryers, blenders, bioreactors and crystallisers - in fact, any stage in the process. We can measure solids, liquids, gases and heterogeneous systems - everything from solids to supercritical liquids. 


Get the critical quality parameters you need in real time.