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Process FT-NIR ABB Talys Single channel fibre-coupled process FT-NIR
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Talys TALYS ASP500 embedded software executes real- time measurements and reporting operations according to a pre-defined template that incorporates standard inputs and outputs for process control.  During operations, the process engineering values and alarms can be sent to plant IT systems (DCS / PLC / controllers) via an ethernet port enabling Modbus TCP, OPC or CanBus communications. The analyzer also features a simplified operator display (HMI) that provides key information on process status and supports multiple languages for instruction messages.  Users can switch at any time between 3 different process monitoring configurations with up to 5 properties per chemistry. When application modifications are required, the software configuration is updated remotely and simply uploaded on the analyzer using a USB key.  Conversely at the end of a batch, spectral data and electronic reports can easily be retrieved via the instrument USB port.
Process FT-NIR ABB Talys Single channel fibre-coupled process FT-NIR
Registeed in England 2919549 
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