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Raman Kaiser RXN2 Laboratory and process multi-channel fibre coupled Raman
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RXN2 The Multi-channel RAMANRXN2™ analyzer enables the use of a single baseunit to support up to 4 probes. The RAMANRXN2™ 4-channel Raman analyzer operates sequentially allowing both fast analysis per channel and programmable channel interrogation.  The ability to follow several different potential reaction pathways can significantly speed up early process development by studying parallel batches, removing bottlenecks in the scale-up pipeline, and optimizing the process chemistry throughout its life cycle.  The RAMANRXN2™ fiber-coupled Multi-channel Raman analyzer serves the needs of the analytical Raman market, process analytics, chemical, and polymer markets, as well as the pharmaceutical and bioprocessing markets. This analyzer can be combined with data acquisition software to comply with GLP/GMP guidelines, and acquired Raman spectra can be converted to process understanding using multivariate analysis (MVA) approaches to allow control of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical processes in support of QbD goals RXN2 Hybrid The RAMANRXN2™ HYBRID  in situ analyzer provides the capability of several different Raman analyzers in a single system.  The analyzer incorporates internal calibration and diagnostics to ensure the validity of each analysis. This approach allows Kaiser analyzers to support robust chemometric analyses and calibration transfer between analyzers. When combined with the latest version of the iC Raman™ software, the RAMANRXN2™ HYBRID analyzer represents the most advanced, flexible analyzer for Raman methods development and reaction analysis providing both qualitative and quantitative Raman measurements
Raman Kaiser RXN2 Laboratory and process multi-channel fibre coupled Raman
Registeed in England 2919549 
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