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Raman Kaiser RXN1 Laboratory or process single channel fibre coupled Raman
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RXN1 TheThe Raman Rxn1 TM  instrument represents Kaiser's analyzer for research. This instrument is a compact, easy to use, turn-key Raman spectrometer system that incorporates the laser, spectrograph, and CCD in a compact base module. The Raman Rxn1 TM  instrument is based on Kaiser's award winning f/1.8 axial transmissive spectrograph.  The f/1.8 design is optically efficient and allows more than six times the light to be collected than traditional spectrograph designs. In conjunction with a high-performance CCD detector and Kaiser's proprietary HoloPlexTM grating technology, the Raman Rxn1 TM  spectrometer is capable of providing fast, simultaneous, full spectral collection of Raman data at high spectral resolution.  PhAT Probe The PhAT approach to Raman sampling redefines solids sampling by eliminating sample irreproducibility and focusing, by measuring a large area of sample simultaneously, and by offering the benefits of non-destructive sampling using laser powers below the ANSI exposure limit for skin. Traditional Raman approaches measure sample areas between 2 to 500 microns.  The 6 mm large- area laser spot size allows a much greater portion of the sample to be interrogated in a single measurement than traditional Raman measurements.  The PhAT approach avoids the need for multiple measurement points or moving samples, thus speeding up analysis time
Raman Kaiser RXN1 Laboratory or process single channel fibre coupled Raman
Registeed in England 2919549 
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