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Mass Spec Extrel MAX300 IGX ATEX Certified Process Quadrupole Mass Spec.
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The MAX300-IGX™ ATEX Industrial Gas Analyzer is the ATEX approved version of Extrel's high performance Industrial Gas Analyzer. The MAX300-IGX system is suitable for use in ATEX Zone 1 Group II B + H2, T3 or T4 area classifications. This analyzer performs high speed process analysis using the most advanced core mass spectrometer technology available, paired with a dedicated data system. The MAX300-IGX provides real time gas analysis and is suitable for a variety of industrial applications including: Ammonia, Ethylene, Ethylene Oxide, Fermentation Control and Pharmaceutical Solvent Drying
Mass Spec Extrel MAX300 IGX ATEX Process Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer
Registeed in England 2919549 
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