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Process FT-NIR ABB FTPA2000 Multi-channel fibre-coupled process FT-NIR
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Process FT-NIR ABB FTPA2000 Multi-channel fibre-coupled process FT-NIR
Registeed in England 2919549 
Clairet Scientific on-line spectroscopy
FTPA2000 ABB’s FTPA2000-260 is a multi-point, FT-NIR analyzer designed for remote, real-time monitoring of continuous and batch processes The FTPA2000-260 offers the best repeatability performance on the market: precise and reliable data is therefore acquired for optimal control of the process. Our spectrometers provide information needed for process optimization in the refining, chemical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and other industries and the FTPA2000-260 is the right tool achieve your goals Flexible sampling The FTPA2000-260 is compatible with most popular probes and flow-through cells offered by ABB and third-party suppliers. The type of sampling accessory can be selected according to the properties of the sample and can differ for each stream. In fact, a different sampling system, spectral range and analytical method can be applied to each monitoring point. The process interface at each point can range from a simple, in situ probe to a multistream sampling system with flow-through cell